21 May

Elm Solutions becomes a Klir company and turns to product development

Irish-based IT Services firm remains the consulting arm of Klir in Ireland, while the team plans the launch of a regulatory compliance platform to US customers.

So that’s it, the dream has come true: 2018 will be the year of Klir. Four years after starting Elm Solutions in a hotel meeting room, David and Elaine – the co-founders – are turning a page.

“It was always about the product”, reminisces Elaine Kelly, COO. When we started, we knew we wanted to achieve the dream of building a product that makes water safer.”

Having spent every waking hours of the past few years worrying, thinking, planning, innovating and dreaming about the future, they are now ready to take their venture to new heights.

14 Mar

What is going on with my water?


It all seems entirely counter intuitive that we get a massive downpour of rain and snow and yet we have to face water restrictions. This quick guide will explain why – it is not as simple as you may think!

Why the water restrictions?

There are a number of reasons for this. First, the cold weather has a more severe impact on old pipes causing them to burst. Ireland is still getting up to speed understanding the details of our network and is undertaking the largest projects ever in the state to chart our network – which has never been done before.

08 Mar

Effective water management goes beyond fixing pipes

water scarcity

Up until yesterday, Cape Town was 129 days away from running out of water. This forecast has now been pushed back to 2019, but let’s take a moment to consider how scary this concept is.

Never mind restrictions like the ones Ireland is enduring now. When the reservoirs all but run dry for everyone, except emergency services and those who can afford private wells, people will have to queue at water distribution points to collect a capped amount of up to 50 litres of water a day. Considering it takes on an average 9 litres to flush a toilet, imagine how restrictive this would be on your day-to-day life. Beside the time spent queuing – with 17,000 people at each distribution point every day – it is not enough to even have a shower. What is even more shocking is that this approach meets UN resolution 64/292 to have safe, clean water accessible to every human within 1km or 30minutes of where they reside. When we talk about water being a human right, this is what we mean – not limitless water delivered to your home 24/7.

31 Oct

To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question

To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question…

Japanese company Piala Inc is giving non-smoking employees up to six extra annual leave days to make up for the extra work they do while smoking employees take cigarette breaks. Piala introduced this scheme after it appeared that smokers in the company took an extra fifteen minutes for each cigarette break. Piala’s CEO was quoted as saying that he did not want to penalise staff for smoking but rather incentive them. (Irish Independent, 2017)

26 Jul

Company Snapchat

Snap code to find Elm Snapchat account

Have you ever wondered what it is actually like to work in a startup….? I mean, when you take away the shiny marketing spiel that is in the media or made famous by shows like Silicon Valley? Well we are going to try our best to answer that question through our all new company Snapchat account. It will be feature updates from staff, the founders and anyone else that comes across our path.

12 May

Updates to our website

We have listened! Over the past few months we have received some great feedback from a lot of people on our website; what works and what doesn’t work so well. We are currently in the final phases of updating our sustainability strategy and mission. With that, comes an updated look and feel for the website and our marketing content.

Keep an eye over the next few weeks and let us know what you think!

09 May

Green entrepreneur of the year award

We could hardly believe it when our name was called out. Less than 2 years after we set up the company we have been recognised by a group of our industry peers as being the best at what we do. It has, without doubt, been a long and hard slog to get us to where we are now. So this award means so much to the entire team as it endorses the work we are doing. For me, working on the vision and strategy of the company every day, it is important to see the role environmental consciousness and sustainability is taking in mainstream business functions. We can see already the tide is turning towards a more environmentally aware way of operating. What came as most of a surprise to us was how many leaders in our industry that we met on the awards night were already noticing of the work we were doing.

12 Jan

The future of Water

Water scarcity is hardly something we worry about here in Ireland. We have anywhere between 750mm and 2000mm of rainfall annually which is healthily distributed nationally by thousands of naturally occurring waterbodies such as rivers and lakes. The recent changes in Ireland towards the provision of water services has divided the nation in an issue that is not black and white. Some Irish people have no objection to paying for water services whereas some believe it is a civil right. In debating this issue I think it is worthwhile to take an extrospective look at the issue of water provision worldwide.

05 Nov

Your Life – Your Balance

Ever since I started working I have always heard the concept of ‘work life balance’ being bandied around. I never really paid much attention to the notion as I beavered away at my 12 hour working days, as was common place in my job as a graduate IT consultant. The thing is, I never minded or mind putting in this time and staying late when work needs to be done. I really enjoy my work and I get great satisfaction out of being part of a team that is working towards a common goal, often in highly pressurised situations. During my time working in a large IT consultancy company, I don’t ever remember anyone explicitly asking me to stay late, but there definitely was a culture that accepted it as the norm and a perception that it was something that needed to be done to get you to the next level, or at a minimum to keep you in the running for the next level.

02 Nov

5 best meeting and work spots in Dublin for Web Summit

Dublin Grand Canal on a Autumn Day

Dublin gets mixed reviews when it comes to being a startup hub. But this week we have, most likely for the last time, one of the worlds biggest tech conferences; Web Summit. Very few will argue with me when I say we do not have the best infrastructure in Dublin particularly when it comes to meeting and working remotely. So for all those visiting Summiters I have compiled a short list of good places to have a meeting if you want some privacy or to get away from the noise to work. They will not appear in any tourist guides, but I can guarantee, as a local, they are the best we have!