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14 Mar

What is going on with my water?


It all seems entirely counter intuitive that we get a massive downpour of rain and snow and yet we have to face water restrictions. This quick guide will explain why – it is not as simple as you may think!

Why the water restrictions?

There are a number of reasons for this. First, the cold weather has a more severe impact on old pipes causing them to burst. Ireland is still getting up to speed understanding the details of our network and is undertaking the largest projects ever in the state to chart our network – which has never been done before.

12 Jan

The future of Water

Water scarcity is hardly something we worry about here in Ireland. We have anywhere between 750mm and 2000mm of rainfall annually which is healthily distributed nationally by thousands of naturally occurring waterbodies such as rivers and lakes. The recent changes in Ireland towards the provision of water services has divided the nation in an issue that is not black and white. Some Irish people have no objection to paying for water services whereas some believe it is a civil right. In debating this issue I think it is worthwhile to take an extrospective look at the issue of water provision worldwide.

03 Aug

Cecil’s Outrage

In the last week there has been an incredible global reaction to the commercial hunting and death of Cecil the Lion, Zimbabwe’s most famous lion. It has been astounding how one animal’s death has caused such a media frenzy. With regards to the hunting of Africa’s enigmatic mammals, there has been a steady rise in the numbers of elephants, rhino’s and other large mammals poached and commercially hunted each year for the past couple of decades.