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07 Jul

What a difference a year makes.

I find it hard to believe that Elm Solutions, the IT Company I co-founded with two friends in June 2014, is One today! Like any first time parents, we are very proud of our baby and it’s achievements in its infancy. We have faced all the normal challenges of having a new born; the long hours, the acute sleep deprivation, the teething problems, the self-doubting and, above all, the daily rate in which you face new experiences and challenges. But, like most first time parents, we are successfully meandering through and we look at what we have created to date with a sense of pride and accomplishment. This first year has been all about learning and teaching in equal measures and it has been a most enjoyable journey. We are putting a strong emphasis on ensuring that we are instilling our core values in our off-spring from the onset and we are seeing the company culture and values come to fruition in the five staff that we have hired throughout the year; our baby is growing so fast!

16 Jan

Apps and Water

A new age of water management

It is really interesting to see apps appearing as day to day tools in the water industry. What would have required desktop applications or complex excel sheets not too long ago, can now be purchased for less than $5 US in most cases. A leading industry publication has listed the 10 most important apps for Drinking Water and Wastewater professionals (link below).

15 Dec

Annual Urban Waste Water Report 2013

Waste Water Plant

Every year the EPA publish the annual Urban Waste Water report. Usually it is condemned to 12 or so column inches in the corner of page 32. Already this year there has been a spike in reporting on it. Take this article in the Irish Times. Or this one in the Irish Independent. Or even the news report on the evening news of our main broadcaster.

05 Dec

Smart Metering: Measured Opportunities for Water Metering

With the introduction of water charges in Ireland, Irish Water has embarked on the mammoth task of putting water meters into the majority of Irish households by 2016. This initiative began in August 2013 and has been ongoing since. This is not an easy undertaking and it has been made harder by the considerable resistance that there has been to the water charges programme. The people tasked with installing the meters in particular have faced particularly hostile opposition from members of the public in numerous areas around the country which has not made the process any easier.

02 Dec

A response to Kathy Sinnott’s article

Having read Kathy Sinnott’s (former MEP) article in the Irish Times dated Friday 21st the need to write a response and clarify the understanding outlined in relation to the Water Framework Directive. As a prelude to the specific questions outlined by Mrs. Sinnott it is worth understanding the premise of what the Water Framework Directive (WFD hereafter) sets out to achieve. There are many directives that come from Europe, and there is no doubt that some of these merely proliferate bureaucracy.

10 Nov

What exactly is a ‘Pressure’?

Water Framework Directive Beach

What exactly is a ‘Pressure’? It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced environmental aficionado or someone who has never thought about the environment in any great depth, the exact definition of what a Pressure is has never been established and yet it is of critical importance.