Our Core Values

Our company culture and the associated values are very important to us and keep us focused on why we set out on this journey in the first place.

Our Values

Here at Elm we put a strong emphasis on ensuring that we are instilling our core values in our team from the onset. Having core values allows us to have a clearly defined framework for how we want to do things in our organisation. We are proud of our values, as we believe they accurately reflect the Organisation’s culture and identity. We want these values to be the core principles for all activities we undertake and we want our employees and our customers to benefit from the values being in place.

Products & Services

Sustainable Solutions

Our aim is to deliver the best fit solution for our clients ensuring future scalability, maintainability and optimal usability. We will work with you to get a complete understanding of what your system needs to do, so as to ensure the systems we build are not just fully functional and usable but also meet the intended purpose; we will ensure that we have a deep understanding of the organisational structure and it’s requirements before delivering this system  to ensure we are adding optimal value.

Ethically Always

The “Ethically Always” concept is vast and encompasses numerous ideologies that are at the heart of what we believe in. Honesty and Respect are the cornerstones of this value.   In all our endeavours as part of the Elm Team we must ensure that we are open and honest and respectful to ourselves, our peers and our clients.

Everything we do

Grow, Grow More and Grow Again

Growth continuously pushes all of us to be better than we were before. When our people experience career growth then Elm will experience growth. When Elm experiences growth then our people will equally grow.  It is a completely symbiotic relationship. With sustained and managed growth comes;

  •  – Security

  •  – Confidence

  •  – Prosperity and

  •  – Self actualisation

We must continue to push ourselves to Grow and Learn at all times, so that we can grow to be the best version of ourselves.

Shared Success

At Elm we want to give back as we grow. We want other people to benefit from our successes. The mission here is to work hard and stay humble. There is a great joy in making a positive difference in someone’s life; no matter how big or small.


Life Balance

Many organisations are focused on ensuring employees achieve a work-life balance but at Elm we are focused on having “life balance”. Each individual needs to identify what they would define their optimal life balance as and then we will work to determine how their work fits in alongside that.  For some work is their number one priority and for others it might be further down the list of priorities – what is important here is that there is no right or wrong and there is no one solution that fits the requirements for everyone. We all have an individual definition of life balance, determined by our life situations, so we aim to tailor a plan that works for you.

Casual Professionalism

Elm has a mantra of “casual professionalism” which we seek as a trait of all our employees. Our ethos balances professional and quality deliveries to our clients with personable and approachable employees. Our aim is to create a relationship that allows us to work with the client as opposed to for the client.