System Design & Implementation

We continually deliver tangible results for our customers through an approach of Casual Professionalism which couples a deep knowledge of environmental management and technology with an approachable, user focussed style.

Why choose Elm Solutions?

We have a proven track record of over 8 years experience in the IT Solutions Sector and have worked with both private and public sector clients. We provide a comprehensive range of Professional services, across a range of technologies to help our clients assess, quantify and, ultimately, deliver their requirements.

Our strengths lie in our ability to quickly come up to speed on client’s requirements by creating a relationship with the client through constant collaboration as an essential part of our delivery model. Our aim is to create a relationship that allows us to work with the client as opposed to for the client.

We provide application development lifecycle services across a full range of technology streams including:
  • * Microsoft.Net
  • * SQL Server
  • * Windows Communication Foundation, (WCF)
  • * Microsoft SharePoint
  • * Entity Framework
  • * Java
We are experienced in providing the following professional services:
  • * IT Strategy
  • * Project Management
  • * Business Analysis
  • * Testing
  • * Training

We support our clients in understanding the optimal means of meeting their environmental requirements in terms of the technology that is required to support these changes, both now and in the future. Society as a whole is becoming more aware of its responsibility to protect our environment. Organisations, too, are becoming more and more conscious of environmental issues and corporate social responsibility programs are being implemented across all industries, with a focus on the environment.

Government Policy has a clearly defined plan to tackle Environmental Issues in conjunction with the European Union up to and beyond 2020. This will affect a broad spectrums of businesses from start ups to large multinational companies to private sector companies.

Since 2010 we have been involved with project teams that have formulated IT strategy for the A -Z of Environmental Processes from Licensing Application – Zinc Monitoring! We continue to be key players in a team of environmental and IT experts that are challenging our clients to rethink their interpretation of the environment. Our aim is to keep striving to develop within this environmental sector and to continue to be part of the IT team that will contribute to the National Environmental Strategy and Policy.

Coupling our experience in the environmental sector with our IT delivery experience we will bring the highest level of expertise and value to your organisation.

Experts in Environmental Regulation & Compliance

Our staff are experts in Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Management having worked with key stakeholders such as the Environmental Protection Agency, European Commission and Irish Water. We have a deep understanding of both IT and business requirements as a regulator and as a regulated entity.

Having this comprehensive understanding from both perspectives we can assist in driving business change to effectively manage your environmental obligations.

Solutions Delivered

Members of our team have assisted in delivering key systems such as Licensing, Enforcement, Monitoring, Bathing Water, Septic Tank Management, Data Trending and Analysis Tools for the Environmental Regulator and their stakeholders. Furthermore, we have conceived, developed and driven key ideologies and strategies that are gaining traction throughout the European Commission.

Examples include a catchment centric approach in relation to the Water Framework Directive, achieved by optimised hierarchical data models that are cross organisational and benefit the organisation and the various stakeholders it interacts with.

Our Delivery Approach

In line with our company ethos of casual professionalism we place particular emphasis on creating relationships with key business users to ensure we understand their functional requirements and the business drivers that support these requirements.

We will work with you to get a complete understanding of what the system needs to do, so as to ensure the systems we build are not just fully functional and usable but also meet the intended purpose. Many of our competitors focus on identifying the High Level Requirements and then proceed to delivery. However, we always aim to keep sight of the original business drivers and ensure that what we are building always meets these business drivers.

We are adaptable and understand that there may be a need to deviate from the original requirement and this might only be identified during delivery. We can work with you to manage this change so the benefits of the final application are not negatively impacted as a result of unyielding project management rigour and controls.