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We know that we are not the only company telling you to “come work for us, we're different!". However, we truly believe we have got something special going on and we encourage you to find out for yourself.

Who is this ‘Elm Solutions’ we hear you say. Well, we at Elm started our journey to make the world’s water better through state-of-the-art IT solutions in the summer of 2014. By now, we can proudly say that we are on the road to becoming global leaders in the area of environmental compliance and regulation.

“As Elm is a start-up business you will have a unique opportunity to be part of something bigger.”

What do we mean by this? Well two things really:

1) We are a group of hard working, like minded individuals that share a passion for the environment and the job that we do. We want to deliver high quality IT solutions to our clients that meet their requirements and are delivered to the best of our ability. In the process of doing so, we also happen to make a significant impact on the world we live in by improving the quality of the world’s water, while protecting human health.

2) We have set ourselves inspiring goals in our Strategic Plan 2017-2022, with one of our Core Values defined as ‘Grow, grow more, then grow again’. In practice, this means that our ambition is to grow our company from 10 to 80 employees by 2022.

So, by joining Elm Solutions not only can you become a vital addition to our journey of growth, and grow your career with us in the process, we would be hopeful that being part of something bigger will also add more meaning and purpose to your career. Our name may not be Bob or Bono, but we are Elm Solutions and we are doing our bit to change the world we live in!

“Would I fit Elm?”

If the above resonates with you we certainly encourage you to read on as it would seem that you, like us, are socially conscious and want your work to contribute to something that can make a real difference to the world we live in.

So, what else is Elm looking for? We want to hire people who are inherently curious and love a challenge. We look for autonomous people who work off their own initiative and like to get stuck in from the start. We encourage collaboration and innovation across all levels of the team. We foster an environment where people feel they can exercise their creative side, with all employees being given the opportunity to contribute to the innovation of Elm and its products and services.


“What is life in Elm like?”

Life Balance

As an employer one of our aims is for our staff to have the best quality of life whilst working in a job that is challenging and fulfilling. We try to enable this by actively encouraging and facilitating a healthy life balance, by offering a reward structure in which we truly value our employees’ input and outcomes, and by actively encouraging you to develop professionally.

Casual Professionalism

Elm has a mantra of “casual professionalism” which we seek as a trait in all our employees. Our ethos balances professional and quality deliverables to our clients with personable and approachable employees.

Career Progression

We recognise that our company is entirely dependent on our team and we know our employees are like gold dust. We treasure each individual and nurture our rough diamonds to become pure brilliance. For Elm as a company to succeed, our employees need to be given the opportunity to develop. As Elm is a start-up, each employee will have an opportunity to grow into the roles best suited to their abilities, skills and ambitions. In aiming to achieve this, Elm offers an attractive training & development program and continuous performance management and development processes in a supportive environment, where progression will be based on merit, not solely on time served.


The Elm workforce is a little melting pot. We have employees from all walks of life and in all shapes and sizes. As we recognise that everyone is different, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all benefit package. Each employee is given the option to choose from a wide selection of rewards that they feel will add most value to their lives.


Please note that by submitting your application details through this website, you are agreeing to Elm Solutions holding your personal information on file for the duration of 12 months from the date of submission for the purpose of the recruitment process and to enable us to touch base with you again with regards to future vacancies within the company or its subsidiaries. Elm Solutions is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) and in line with the highest standards of ethical conduct. Our Data Protection Policy can be viewed HERE

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